Festival in The Forest.

"Silly Phase",
21.0 cm x 15.0 cm,
Acrylic on paper.

I'm going to Bali for a month, to learn about pottery.
Hopefully i could make something for the upcoming exhibition as well.

It's spring already :)

A video by one of my favorite artist, Takagi Masakatsu.


  1. now i see it. heheh gomen!
    thats a fun little project vacation to learn pottery in a new town. like trade school, but better. hahah

  2. learning pottery in bali - that sounds fun fun! are you based in jakarta? seems like there are so many developing indo artists these days, makes me proud! your work reminds me of yoshitomo nara.

  3. Yes, it's fun, and i'm enjoying staying in Bali as well :) but well need to get back to jakarta next week.

    Yeah, recently many emerging artist in indonesia, lot of galleries as well.

    haha, yah, i got much influenced from him :)