Eat with Family Exhibition.

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Featuring 13 artists with works ranging from paintings and crafts to contemporary pieces, EAT WITH FAMILY explores what constitutes a family and factors that affect its functions. Artists interpret the theme in relation with their personal experience as a member of respective families themselves. Each works is personal and a reflective of what a family means today.

The act of eating together, especially in Asian societies, is a common social practice and is seen as a means which promotes family interaction. It is also a major element during important festive occasions such as Lunar New Year celebrations and birthdays. The presence of food then in such situations is essential for this social interaction to take place. Hence, food has become an integral and almost inseparable part of a family’s makeup and contributes to the strength of the family unit.

In conjunction with Eat With Your Family Day 2010, this exhibition is a collaboration with Centre For Fathering.

date : 17th May to 31st May 2010
opening night 17th May 2010, Monday, 6.30pm

Artists: Annie Chong, Artloft, Betsy Toh, Catherine Cheok, Grace Foo, Joanna Chen, Kelvin Atmadibrata, Moses Sia, Pauseability, Rin Ioka, Sun Wahyu, Vincent Chow, Yong Hwang

In collaboration with Centre for Fathering and Artloft
Venue sponsored by The Arts House
Sponsored by Lego and My Art Space

More on the exhibitions and interviews with the artists at

There will be children’s art session on Sun 23 & 30 May, 11am to 2pm by Artloft. $5 per child.

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