Chance, Grace and Memory

Allow your senses to be awoken amorously and get enchanted, ecstatically. Two young artists from the big city merged themselves with the surrounding of Ubud. They gave themselves to each other, honored one another and all of creation in the union, recognizing the infinite ancestral familiarity. Is it them flirting with the nature, or is she shamelessly flirting with them? Let’s just say they are lovers, coniferous and sublime.

Two sets of contemporary artwork will provoke your imagination and memories of the sacred town. Sun Wahyu, will reveal the honest and childlike side of memory through his clay art and painting, whilst Morin Zasly illustrates the flirtatious connection between beauty and the nature.

Opening night:
Saturday, September 17th, 2011
7:00pm - 10:00pm

Show Runs
September 17th - October 31st, 2011

Alila ubud
Desa Melinggih Kelod Payangan, Ubud
Gianyar, Indonesia

Hellen Sjuhada

Alila Ubud

Naïve and effortless. Although it may appear to be so, Sun’s art is anything but simple. The pastel color and dream-like nature of his work delves into the subconscious of the youth. His childlike style creates a peculiar sense of familiarity, fusing the real with fantasy, surreal moments with scenes of meditative fantasy - allowing the viewer to embark on their own personal journey, evoking those raw emotions that inevitably get buried with memories of the past.

Through his paintings and a set of clay installation, Sun characterized his interpretation of ‘Moksha’ - the last of Hindu scheme of values. The organic shapes, subtle color and innocent ambience he created represent what it means to loose, to free, release, let loose, let go and thus also to spare, to let live, to allow to depart, to dispatch, to dismiss and even to relax, to spend, give away and open oneself to the perfect freedom, an indescribable state of non-differentiation, a proximity to the Divine within.

Sun claimed that each piece in this collection manifests his personal contemplation of the sun, which he just realized after finishing the whole work. Just like the sun as the center of life, it is something that he never thought during his artistic process – while it has always been there all along. He said, “Funny that my name is ‘sun’ and my Chinese name also refers to the light, as if it’s just meant to be.” It probably is.


A year ago, i decided to let go my full time job and go somewhere. Coincidence or not, i choose Ubud to be the place for me to spend a whole month. I came to Ubud first time when i was a kid, maybe when i was 6 or 7 yo. Actually I barely remember how does it look like back then, except for the famous duck dish. So I came there once again a decade later, without any expectations. I stayed there took pottery class, walked around the town, enjoyed the sunlight, bike on the side of padi field. The only thing that i felt different about this place was the energy flow. I might sounds crazy, but yes, i know there is a huge amount of energy in this town, like giving you a healing energy to your wound. After a month, this experience really change the way i see my life, maybe not all but i found something that I valued after the day i came back.

At the last day there, i know that i want to have an exhibition in Ubud someday. I believe, universe works in an unexpected way (and funny). Now, a year later, i got a chance to have an exhibition in Ubud, along side with my friend, Morin Zasly. I'll be very glad if you guys could come to this exhibition, not only to see the exhibition but to celebrate life as well. :-)

note: A day after i got back home, i read a random article in local newspaper. An article about Ubud , from the article i found the meaning of the word Ubud. It means Obat (Medicine) in local language. So maybe that's why i could feel some kind of energy in this town, a healing energy.


  1. so lucky you're having your show in ubud!! if only you had this show last month, i would have gone and check out your works!! have a great time in ubud :)